Previous Principal

The This college has had a tradition of having eminent clinicians and senior army personnel as its Principals. It was due to these able men that this medical college was able to weather the stages of its infancy and develop into a robust institution comparable with the best in the country. Following is the list of the different Principals of the Agra Medical School from its cradle upwards :

Name Year
Dr. G.K. Aneja, D.M. Caridiology 19-May-2018 to Till Date
Prof. (Dr.) Saroj Singh, MS, FICOG, FICMCH, FIAJAGO, MAMS 26-JUL-2016 to 19-May-2018
Prof. (Dr.) S.K. Garg, M.D. 17-Aug-2015 to 25-Jul-2016
Prof. (Dr.) Ajay Agrawal, M.D. 23-Aug-2013 to 17-Aug-2015
Prof. (Dr.) R. K. Singh, MS (ENT) 13-Oct-2011 to 23-Aug-2013
Dr. N.C. Prajapati 1-Oct-2011 to 12-Oct-2012
Prof. Dharam Singh 28-Apr-2011 to 30-sep-2011
Prof. K.K.Gupta 12-Apr-2010 to 28-Apr-2011
Prof. Saudan Singh 26-Dec-2009 to 12-April-2010
Prof. A.K. Gupta Aug-2009 to 26-Dec-2009
Dr. N.C. Prajapati, MD 09-08-2007 to Aug-2009
Dr.Ved Prakash Shrotriya, MD 01-03-2007 to 30-07-2007
Dr. Deoki Nandan, MD 30 Dec’ 2003 to 28-Feb 2007
Dr. G. U. Qureshi, MD 2003
Dr. V. K. Jain, DM 2002-2003
Dr. Veena Mishra, MS 2000-2002
S. C. Sahu, MS 1998-2000
Dr. A. S. Sachan 1997-1998
Dr. (Mrs.) V.L. Lahiri 1995-1997
Dr. Hari Gautam MS, FRCS Aug. 1990 to 1995
Dr. S.C. Gupta M.D. May 1990 to July 91
Dr. V.B. Sahai MD. Mar. 86 to May 90
Dr. C.D. Gupta MS. Dec. 84 to Mar. 86
Dr. D.N. Prasad MD. 28-5-84 to 30-11-84
Dr. Y.P. Singh, MS, DOMS 1-4-84 to 23-5-84
Dr. S.S. Mishra M.D. 1981-84
Dr. S.R. Kapur, MD 1977-79
Dr. B.B. Sharma, MD, MA (Toronto) 1974-77 1979-1980
Dr. Nawal Kishore, MS, FACS 1973-74
Dr. T.C. Gupta, MD, Ph.D. 1969-73
Dr. Inderjest Singh 1968-69
Dr. P.N. Wahi 1957-59, 1960-68
Dr. H.N. Bhatt, FRCS, DMRE, PMS 1948-57, 1959-60
Dr. G.N. Vyas, MD, MRCP, PMS 1946-48
Maj. Gen. H.C. Buckley, CSI. IMS 1941-46
Lt. Col. J.C. Bharucha, IMS 1935-41
Rai Bahadur, Dr. R.S. Srivastava, PMS 1932-35
Cap. D.P. Bhargava, IMS 1930-32
Lt. Col. A. Cameron, OBE, IMS 1929-30
Lt. Col. R.C. McWatters, IMS 1928-29
Maj. M.A. Rehman, IMS 1921-28
Lt. Col. A.W.R. Cochrane, IMS 1920-21
Lt. Col. E.J. O'Meara, OBE, IMS 1912-20
Maj. H. Austin Smith, IMS 1909-12
Maj. G.T.Birdwood, IMS 1905-09
Lt. Col. J. Anderson, IMS 1899-1902
Lt. Col. C.P. Lukis, IMS 1897-99, 1902-1905
Lt. Col. A.J. Willcocks, IMS 1887-97
Lt. Col. A.J. Hilson, IMS 1876-87
Maj. A Christinson, IMS 1868-76
Surge. G.R. Playfair, IMS 1858-68
Surge. John Murray, IMS 1854-58